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Great Smoky Mountains (Open & QuarterFinals)

3 Rounds
3 Person Team
P1: 30/24 Calorie Bike Erg*
P2: 30/24 Calorie Ski Erg*
P3: 30/24 Calorie Row*
Transition Work (pick one and complete together b/t machine transitions):
Station 1: 400m run (together)
Station 2: 30 Toes to bar (each) (at the same time)
Station 3: 20 Burpee Box Get Over (48) (each) (at the same time)
Individual Version:
3 Rounds:
30/24 Calorie Bike Erg*
400m run
30/24 Calorie Ski Erg*
30 Toes to bar
30/24 Calorie Row*
20 Burpee Box Get Over (48)


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