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Mayhem Gymnastics

Why this track?

Mayhem Gymnastics offers athletes a way to build endurance and capacity with their gymnastics skills, so they can improve their intensity during workouts. Those athletes who are still not at the skill level they desire are also offered progressions so they can create a foundation of movement to start crushing their gymnastics goals in the gym. Written by CrossFit Games Masters Athlete and Gymnastics specialist, Pamela Gagnon, this track will surely get you prepared to crush your goals.

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What does this track look like?

Mayhem Gymnastics is a twice a week track, under our Mayhem Compete Program. The focus is on 8 week cycles of skill work where the athlete learns how to build on their percentages of max effort by doing conditioning, EMOMs, skill training and capacity work.

Who is this track for?

Any athlete who would like to build confidence, endurance, capacity and proper progressions for gymnastics skills.

How long will it take each day?

Most days are 20 minutes or under.


We have programming twice a week and usually follow 8 week cycles.

During competition season, we offer a bit more conditioning instead of cycles so the athlete can focus on training for all events.

What should I do if this track is too advanced?

We have partnered up with Pamela Gagnon of Performance Plus Programming and offer a deeper skill development track for Mayem athletes. You can dive into specific skills such as Bar Muscle Ups, Toes to Bar, Handstand Walking and more. Email for more info on how to save money and sign up for this track, to do alongside Mayhem Compete.

Mayhem Gymnastics Workouts

**Part of the Compete track

Gymnastics Cycles


8 Weeks


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