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Everyday Hero

Why this TRACK?

We wanted to offer a track for individuals in any line of service looking to become more proficient in their job to better serve their community and our nation. We know our First Responders & Military can thrive in their positions if they are healthier and fitter, so we want to help facilitate that!

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What does this track look like?

Most days will include a traditional workout for time or AMRAP, aerobic capacity work, strength training (Olympic or Power Lifts) 2-3 days/week, and bodybuilding 2-3 days/week.

Each day’s workouts include warm ups, cool downs, and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target scores, time caps, movement explanation, scaling options and more.

Who is this track for?

Everyday Hero is for the those in a profession that need to workout to get better at their job! Being in any line of service can have an expectation to perform in unknown high stress situations, that require some physical fitness. This track is meant to prepare you for any situation that can happen in your job.

Do I also get access to all Mayhem 30, Mayhem Scaled & Mayhem BodyBuilding with this program?


How long will it take each day?

About an hour! You can do a little more or a little less based on the time you have availiable and what is offered each day!

Do I gain access to other tracks with this program?

Yes! You will be able to view and log scores for Mayhem 30, Mayhem 60, Mayhem Scaled and BodyBuilding as well!

What are the 3 levels inside the workouts each day?
  • Chief (Level 1) - This level will be the most challenging and have the most volume of work. This level will mostly be for those who have been training for a while.

  • Officer (Level 2) - Perfect middle level for those who want a little more challenge but still scaled down just a bit from the Chief level.

  • Recruit (Level 3) -For those who are just getting into working out or wanting to jump in for their first time with their friends. Also a great option if you are short on equipment!
How many days of programming are there each week?

We provide programming EVERYDAY! This is to facilitate the the shift style work that most departments adhere to around the country and world. If you have a "normal 40 hour work week" then you could still follow the traditional schedule 5 days on and 2 days “off” within this program. We highly recommend to take at least 1-2 rest days a week, so do not feel pressured to train everyday.

What equipment do i need?

The ONLY equipment you will need to this program regularly:

Bumber Plates (45s-35s-25s-15s-10s-5s)
Jump Rope
Pull Up Bar
Medball (20/14)
Dumbbells (20s-35s-50s. If you have just one set or only have kettle bells, you can still do the program.)
Rings (If you just have a pull up bar, you can substitute that.)
Rack (only for heavy squats/presses)
Rower and/or assault bike (optional)
*A Cardio Machine (like a rower or bike) is recommmended but not required.

What should I do if this track is too advanced or i don’t have enough equipment?

Check out our Mayhem Scaled or M30 programs!

What should I do if I want more of a challenge?

Check out any of the tracks in our Competitor Package

What should I do if I am handling the track well but have a weakness (like strength or conditioning)?

Check out Mayhem Strength or Mayhem Aerobic Capacity to attack those weaknesses!

Everyday Hero Workouts


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