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Welcome to the team

This ‘On Ramp Guide’ is geared towards new Mayhem Athletes - whether you are new to this style of fitness, new to the SugarWOD platform, or just a new Mayhem Athlete, there is knowledge to gain below.

Where to Find Workouts

Difference in Programs

You will either be on our Everyday Athlete Package OR our Competitor Package. The one you choose to be on will depend completely on your personal goals, time, and equipment availability.

Are you new to this type of training?

If you have never been on a fitness routine or never done this type of training, we have a few different approaches for you.

Walking – Level 1:

For someone who is currently very sedentary and has never been on a consistent program.

Will help develop habits of consistently working out.

Walking – Level 2:

For someone who used to be on an exercise routine and can go on 10 minute walks without exerting much energy.

Will build on current habits. Includes increased walking speed

Couch to Fitness:

For someone who has been on a fitness program in the past and looking to get back into it or has completed one of our Mayhem Walking Programs.

Completely bodyweight program with 10-15 minute workouts that will eventually build up to M30 Bodyweight!

These can be done in sequential order or you can start at #2 or #3 depending on your current fitness level.

After Couch to Fitness, we believe you will be ready to start our M30 Bodyweight Workouts.

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