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which competitive track to follow?

Mayhem Athletes,

We have offered the Open track for a number of years now! Many have seen success following it for increasing fitness and improving their placement in the Open.

We have now diversified our Compete tracks to include Open, QuarterFinals, SemiFinals & Games.

For simplicity and in the interest of making the Mayhem Athlete Community even better, we house all 4 tracks within the “Compete” program and all 3 tracks within the “Masters” program. We will make it very clear when weights and/or volume may be adjusted for those of you following “Open Prep”.

All of this will allow us to serve you better. Through this, we can offer an even better and more robust leaderboard each day for those of you who enjoy logging results. It will also help increase interaction amongst all Mayhem Athletes!

Compete - 4 Tracks

Masters - 3 Tracks

Differences in all 3-4 Tracks

Many days the main metcon will be the same for the 3-4 tracks.

The main difference for those following “Open Prep” or “QuarterFinals” (OR “Qualifiers”) are:
1.Strategic decreased loading and/or volume.
2. Total daily workout time is done in 90-120 minutes and doable in one session (while SemiFinals/Games is usually 2-3+ hours and is ideally 2 sessions).

What happens when they are different workouts?
If you do the “Open” or “QuarterFinal” (OR “Qualifier”) version of a workout and it differs from the “SemiFinals” or “Games” version then we will clearly denote which workout is which in the daily programming.

Remember Who You Are

While we all like knowing who really did Games vs. Open or Rx vs Scaled and how we stack up against the rest of the field each day, let’s still enjoy using the leaderboard, but not obsess over it. Remember, there is always another workout coming tomorrow. And we, as Mayhem Athletes, are on the same team in the same fitness family!

How Do I Know Which Track to Follow?

1. If you are absolutely confident you will finish within the top 10% of the Open to advance to the Quarterfinals, then “QuarterFinals” is likely the right track for you.

2. If you have competed in 2+ Competitions as Rx’d (the Open counts) and are used to training for 2+ hours for 4-5 days/week, then you can try the “QuarterFinals” track.

3. Refer to the Target Times and Time Caps! If you can consistently finish within the Target Time and Time Cap frame for workouts in “SemiFinals” or “Games” AND have some competition experience, then you can follow it! Otherwise, you can drop to the “Open” or “QuarterFinals”version of the workout when needed.

4. If you are absolutely confident you will advance to a SemiFinal (or have in the past), then “SemiFinals” track ” is likely the right track for you. If you are absolutely confident you will make the CrossFit Games (or have in the past), then “Games” track ” is likely the right track for you.


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