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Affiliate Programming

CrossFit Mayhem's Gym programming led by Darren Hunsucker, the winningest coach in CrossFit history, and the Mayhem Athlete Team

Mayhem Affiliate is also available on StreamFit. To sign-up, first create an account on StreamFit here and then add Mayhem Affiliate to your account.

Why does this program exist?

We want to provide the opportunity for every fitness gym in the world to follow along with the same programming that CrossFit Mayhem's affiliate follows.

How it Works

This is the exact program our CrossFit Mayhem here in Cookeville has followed for years! You will get to follow 3 weeks behind so we can improve workouts even more to give you the CrossFit Mayhem fitness experience at your gym, wherever you are.

How many days of programming are there each week?

We provide programming EVERYDAY! There will be 6 days of programming each week (Monday through Saturday) with an optional cardio/aerobic piece each Sunday.

Partners we Trust

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Program coaches


Jake Lockert

Head Coach

Darren Hunsucker

Affiliate Coordinator

Christi Novak


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Working hours

Monday – Friday:
07:00 – 21:00

07:00 – 16:00

Sunday Closed

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