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The Mayhem Difference

It’s simple. We don’t just give you world leading programming but we bring you in our community to help you make fitness a lifestyle instead of a FAD for a few months. With over 100+ years of combined experience on the Mayhem team, we can confidently say we’ve been in the fitness game for a LONG TIME and want to share what we have learned. We are here to help people, just like you, become the fittest versions of themselves – Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Mayhem Athlete
 and the community we have created hold close the values of; Faith, Family, Fitness, Service in our day to day lives, and we want you to be apart of that!

Everyday Athlete Package

$ 19.99
  1. Includes 5 Tracks
  2. Scaled Workouts for All Levels
  3. 20% off Mayhem Nation Apparel
  4. Variation in movements
  5. Movement Library
  6. Videos to Follow Along
  7. Exclusive Community

Competitor Package

$ 49.95
  1. Includes 10 Tracks
  2. Challenge Your Fitness Level
  3. Daily Video to Breakdown the Workout
  4. 30% off Mayhem Nation Apparel
  5. Mayhem Aerobic Capacity
  6. Movement Library
  7. Videos to Follow Along
  8. Exclusive Community
  9. Includes Everyday Athlete Program

Mayhem Affiliate

$ 129.99
  1. Our all-inclusive programming provides daily coaching videos, programming notes, warm-ups, cool-downs, scaling options, affiliate support, coach development resources, and more.

Performance Coaching

$ 499
  1. Fully tailored fitness experience, where you engage 1-on-1 with a Mayhem Performance Coach. Your coach invests time understanding your lifestyle, enabling them to optimize your efforts both in and out of the gym. This program is for those who want a coach to help them optimize every part of their life.

Unsure of which track to follow?

Take our short quiz to find out which track would best serve your goals.


Reviews from you

I really appreciate the aerobic capacity, not only for the workouts but mostly for the feedback that is given by coach Hinshaw. I value that feedback and it shows me that he has an interest in athletes getting better no matter their fitness level.

Mayhem Athlete
Kolby H

I hope the MA group knows that this platform has changed lives in more ways than working out. We have a sub-group of friends that are slowly becoming more like a family with people based in Ireland, Canada and the US. It's helped me at times to work out when I didn't feel like it or to push harder to beat someone in our group's score on SugarWod.

Danny T

I've been doing CrossFit/functional fitness workouts since 2011, and this is possibly the best thing I've ever seen as far as remote workout guidance and aids are concerned. Once again, thank you for making this priceless resource available.

Mayhem Athlete
Lucy C

Being able to feel like I’m a part of the mayhem family, even though I don’t live in TN. Awesome workout programmed to push me to my limits.

Mayhem Athlete
Chris F
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